Saturday, February 5, 2011

Soda Cracker Pie

When someone hears soda cracker pie they automatically think what? Some may even think eww! However, this pie is delicious. Misty and I heard about this pie from a member of her church who told us it was her secret recipe. I was very hesitant to try it when I heard it was made from actual soda crackers a.k.a. Saltine crackers. I thought it would be salty and crunchy—and man was I surprised…

Because it is kind of a “secret” I’m going to leave the actual measurements out, but I will tell the ingredients.

• Crushed Saltine Crackers
• Crushed pecans
• Sugar
• Whipped egg whites
• Heavy whipping cream
• Powdered sugar

The dry ingredients for the crust are combined to an even mixture and when the egg whites are finally whipped the dry ingredients are added in. This is baked first to get a golden-brown color and a flaky, crumbly, crunch. Then the heavy whipping cream and powdered sugar are whipped together and piled onto the firm, awesome crust. The pie is baked again to get a nice brown color on top. Once it has cooled—and it is better cold—and topped with whipped cream, it’s ready to serve and enjoy!

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