Thursday, February 3, 2011

Loved and Lost, Or Never Loved At All?

The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.” –Morrie Schwartz. Love is a part of life; either you embrace it or you don’t but it is still there. I believe that it is always better to love and lose rather to never love at all.

As teenagers, adults always assume that we do not know what real love is, and some may not though, I feel as if I do. To me, love is a feeling you have for someone you could not imagine a day without, a connection, and an emotion that makes life amazing. It is a feeling that gladdens your heart and brings people together. For couples, I believe that is someone who cares about you and accepts you exactly the way you are. If you have found your perfect someone, they would love you even if you were covered in zits, wore shiny silver metal braces all over your teeth, and had big funky bottle-cap glasses. Nothing would get in the way for the love they have for you. As some say, love is blind. However, love does not always have to be between couples, you can love your friends, family, and even pets. Without the love I have in my life, I do not think I would be the happy person I am today.

Some people fear love because when it gets lost or hidden there is a horrible pain—they often forget that it can be found again. For example, when I was eight years old my great-grandpa, who we call Papa Joe, passed away. It was a devastating time for my family and we all felt that horrible pain I mentioned before. I remember crying quite often when I saw pictures or videos and heard songs that reminded me of him and sometimes it scared me to feel so sad. I did not know when the hurt would go away. This is when love was hidden from me. However, I had my other family members and memories of my Papa Joe to shine the light back on the love I was trying to find. This year will be tens years from the time he passed away and although I still get teary eyed sometimes, I am happy that I can look back at pictures that bring up memories I had with him. When I think about those memories I get a smile on my face because it makes me remember the love he had for our family. I can not even imagine how life would be if he had not been apart of it or if we did not love him. It would have been so sad, lonely, and depressing.

Along with love comes laughter, memories, hope, and a wonderful life. I do not know who would not want to partake in such a great feeling. Even if it is scary, it should still be something that everyone experiences at least once. I know I am extremely glad to have more than one encounter of love in my life and I would not change anything about it.


  1. aw, well I really enjoyed your thoughts on love. It really made me realize that love isn't all about looking and being perfect all the time, it's more about being comfortable with each other and caring for each other. Your blog also delivers the point that there isn't a certain age where love can be felt, it is a special feeling that can occur at any moment.

  2. Love. It is the reason we exist on this earth.