Friday, February 18, 2011


No other pizza compares to Gino’s pizza on South Central Avenue. The amazing thin, crunchy crust, the wide variation of toppings, and the incredible taste that fills your mouth while taking bite after bite is one in a million.

One of the most fun parts is deciding what toppings to choose. The greatest part is that they will make your pizza however you like. For example, my mom and dad always order a medium deluxe which has pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives, bell pepper, sausage, onion, and jalapeños if you ask for them. However, my brother and I have different ideas so we order a medium with half pepperoni and half onion. Can you believe it? They will make half a pizza with just cheese and onion on it—I love it. They will even go as far as dividing your pizza toppings into quarters which is great for families with different tastes.

What makes their pizza the best is their unique style. The toppings are tucked underneath a blanket of gooey, yummy cheese. Their crispy crust is paper thin, yet gives the pizza a special kick. The tomato sauce is rich and jammed full of flavor. All of these elements make each bite different and delectable. I have grown up with this Friday ritual almost all of my life, and anyone who does not agree that this pizza is phenomenal is just plain crazy.


  1. I am always bragging about Gino's to John. For some reason, we still have never gotten around to having it. Maybe it is time. :)